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Who we are

MCB Financial Services Limited (MCBFSL) was formed and incorporated as a non listed public limited company, and licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for commencing the business under the Rules and Regulations of the Regulatory bodies of Pakistan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCB Bank Limited. MCBFSL is in the process of expanding its clientele at a very aggressive pace.

Over a short time span since the commencement of trustee, the company has been able to get itself included in the Trustee of various asset management companies. Due to Realization of market’s demand of cost effective and efficient services, the number of funds under our Trusteeship is increasing continuously. MCBFSL has become the second largest collective investment scheme trustee in the country. MCBFSL Trustee with the country’s leading asset management companies taking a total of 50 funds under our trusteeship & custodian of 30 custody clients.


In conclusion, we have global competence with local market expertise. We provide services to various ranges of customers and are proud of their loyalty, diversity and growing number. This reflects the high value we place in our business relationships. MCBFSL works actively with AMC’s /clients to establish and maintain mutually productive and complementary long-term business relationships.

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