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Competence with Service

MCB Financial Services Limited as the trustee / custodian is to take into its custody all the assets of the Collective Investment Scheme and hold them in trust on behalf of the unit or certificate holders. Additionally, MCBFSL carries out the instructions of the asset management company / investment adviser / pension fund managers in respect of the investment portfolio and the units/certificates held by the investors, while ensuring that, in all material respects, the scheme is being managed in accordance with the provisions of the constitutive documents, the NBFC Rules, the Regulations and VPS Rules.

Trustee & Custodial IT System

MCBFSL has developed in house software specifically for the activities of Trustee/Custodian business. The purpose of this effort is to make more efficient the process, finally eliminating the need for involvement in the settlement cycle. This in turn should reduce risk and uncertainty as well as the level of client securities and funding required for carrying out settlement for a given volume of trade. The system is expected to enormously raise the competence and consistency of trustee and custodial operations. Further, the need for manual processing will be reduced to a large level. The system has enabled MCBFSL to perform the following functions, among others, more effectively:

  • Control and Maintain the Asset & protfolio of Funds.
  • Ensuring compliance with the governing rules and regulations.
  • Secure and maintenance of the details of Unit Holder transactions.
  • Creation of different reports.

Excellent Services with Efficient Settlements

  • Stock Exchange
  • Clearing agency - Clearing house
  • Settlement T+2 basis - (Monday to Friday)
  • Physical - Exchange of share certificates
  • Net settlement - Security positions netted off
  • Net purchases - Payment to the exchange (deadline 12:00 pm)
  • Net sales - Payment received after completion of delivery obligations
  • Securities - Inter broker settlement
  • Buy in Option - Enforceable at contractual settlement date + 1
  • Investor vs Broker
  • Payment mode – RTGS central bank /cheque (same day)PO
  • Terms - RVP / DVP Settlement
    • Purchases - Contractual date + 1
    • Sales - Contractual settlement date

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